Thursday, 25 October 2012

A Big Thank You

First off today a big thank you. Thank you to everyone who shared, commented, liked, tweeted and the rest to make me the winner of this competition. You all have been brilliant and there are places for you on my campaign team when I run for political office in a few years time. Alas as of this morning I am floundering somewhere between third and forth which is rubbish but the current winner has apparently got two long running blogs so she has plenty of supporters  I might not have won the popular vote but there have been plenty of people who haven't won the vote but still made it into power, Putin, George Bush jnr, Gordon Brown...Oh wait this isn't a list I want to be associated with.

In honesty I am proud to be the only male blogger on the shortlist of a very female-centric website and I think a Father's opinion is just as valid and important as a Mother's. So a moral victory for One Man and a Wee Bairn and for all Dads out there who want a voice when it comes to parenting. Don't despair my avid readers the blog will continue unabated and hopefully go from strength to strength after a bit of exposure. To be doing this for less that fifty days and still get nominated for competitions is something to cheer and will give the blog a big lift. So again many thanks for all your time and hard work.

But back to reality I have a child who may or may not have been slightly neglected after all this. He seems happy with it all despite vomiting still and having a cough that makes him sound like a sixty year old smoker. We have made it to only one group this week and I feel on the verge of tears at points after many a long day stuck in doors trying to recuperate. Cabin fever is rubbish and I wish the sun would come out for a couple of hours at least. I have an afternoon at it all to look forward to today!


p.s- If you are still interested to vote the website is  and it runs until Sunday.


  1. Hi Jamie
    Kate's mum Lynn directed me here as I am a 7 week old dad! I too have a blog ( ) and it is good to know us dads are making ourselves heard. Your blog has certainly made me feel I am not the only one struggling with this big change!
    all the best

  2. Excellent Alan thanks for the comment and well done on becoming a father and not having a nervous breakdown! I'm a bit luckier that my child is older as fatherhood does get easier, well most of the time. Have read your blog and it's very good, you are right a Dad's opinion is very important so keep up the good work. I will try and share your blog on twitter etc. And don't worry everyone struggles at some point anyone who says otherwise is lying!