Saturday, 6 October 2012

I Need a Hero...Oh I've Found One

As of this morning I have a new hero. His name will be Multi Dad. Last night Multi Dad's wife (Multi Mum) gave birth to their second set of twin girls. So now they have four children all under the age of two. If it were possible I would write this standing up as a tribute them.

I applaud you Multi Dad for not

a). having a nervous breakdown

b). running off and hiding in a cave somewhere (which is what I probably would have done)

or c). throwing in the towel and ending it all there and then.

You may think I'm diminishing Multi Mum's role in all this but as this blog is from a man's point of view I will focus on Multi Dad. But well done Multi Mum. I have no experience of giving birth to anything except passing a large poo but I've watched birth and it looked pretty hardcore so two is extra impressive.

Anyway whenever I feel stressed now or worried about the wee man I will think about Multi Dad and what he must be going through with four children. Newborns are strange little creatures who seem so fragile and incapable of anything other than primitive acts. The idea of going back and doing it all again even with another one makes me feel tired. But to do it with two newborns and two who are eighteen months old is just beyond the realms of what I can comprehend. In Thus Spoke Zarathustra Nietzsche spoke of the Ubermenscsh which translates loosely as the Super Man or Above Human. Multi Dad you are now indeed Above Human and all I can say is well done good luck and I hope you have a good range of single malt whiskys available to you.


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