Monday, 29 October 2012

The Chancellor May Well Have Been Right

Refresh, refresh, check e-mail, refresh, check e-mail, charge phone AGAIN, refresh, check e-mail for the fifth time in five minutes. You know it's been a slow day when by mid-day you're down to 10% battery left on your phone. It has actually been quite a nice day the wee man seemingly on the rebound from the bug that has caused The Chancellor and I to check for wrinkles and grey hairs on a regular basis. But last night at mid night the competition that I had been fighting it out to win closed it voting doors firmly shut. I, with a pulled hamstring and possible groin strain, limped in in fourth place in the popular vote, however the company are also hiring at least one other of the blog writers to write for them. So stupidly I am waiting with misguided hope to see if I have won the editor's choice prize. Hence why I'm refreshing e-mails etc. I think I'm a bit of a sucker for punishment. I am actually looking forward to the end of today just so I don't have to send myself demented wondering if I am a winner or not. It's like Schrodinger's Cat but my chances of winning are more likely to be dead than alive. The Chancellor thinks I have become obsessed. 10% battery power seems to suggest she is right. She'll love that. 

I would to point out that I do pay my son a lot of attention during the day, he is not banished or neglected as I, like Plankton from SpongeBob, try to take over the world. As he is the star of the blog it is in my best interest to keep the wee man alive. I have had fun this morning playing dinosaurs with him and I even managed to make rude words from his letter block set. Poo and bum being two of them. It really is a slow day, I think leaving the house this afternoon would be a good idea.

Inbox- 0. Right that's it. No more obsession. Closing down all tabs relating to this bloody competition  If I go out I may even leave my phone at home to get away from the insanity of...myself. You see this is what happens when you don't go out for a few days and the only person you speak to on a daily basis is an eleven month old child, you descend into madness like King Lear. I hope there are other parents who can testify to this. Luckily I have a full week booked in and I can unload all of my craziness onto other parents. Prepare yourself mummies... 


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