Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

If you are a parent every now and again you get five minutes to stop and think about how your life has completely changed. You smile to yourself as you reminisce of those long and wonderful meals out or those uninterrupted nights of watching classic movies that can go on into the wee hours. The golden days as I like to call them. I had my five minutes today, well it was more like an hour of just sitting in my car. I wasn't driving or stuck in a traffic jam. I was just waiting. The wee man had just dozed off as we parked up and he needed a nap anyway and any movement out of the car would have woken him.

So I sat and I waited and I watched the clouds pass by above and thought about how even the most menial things in my life are now a struggle. One day last week I didn't get my lunch until six o'clock in the evening, there just wasn't a break in the day to sort something out. I made up for it by the time six o'clock came around by eating most of the house very quickly.This next menial task I won't go into too much detail about but going to the toilet has become very difficult. The wee man can't be trusted to be alone in a room by himself as he likes to chew on my laptop cable and he is far too curious to join me in the bathroom and he seems to be really interested now with gushing water. You get why I have problems. I used to put him in a sit in car which he used to really enjoy but now just screams and tries to climb out. My new tactic is to fill the bathroom with about ten toys but that doesn't by me much time. Those Tenna ladies pants are looking more and more appealing.

I'm not naive to fact that this isn't going to get easier, if anything it will get a lot harder. There was a time when I could stay out of sight and undisturbed in the bathroom with The Guardian crossword and sports section for an unspecified length of time. Oh those golden days...


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