Sunday, 14 October 2012

Here In My Car

This weekend has been new car seat weekend. The Chancellor and I have a habit of spending far too much on items and the wee man's new car seat is no exception. We feel a bit daft now. But it looks great and that is all that matters (apart from the safety stuff). Anyway, said car seat has been sitting around for a while and we have only gotten round to sorting it and putting it in the car. You could tell from the blank expression on his face that the wee man loved it. But he quickly realised that he could see my face in the rear view mirror and I quickly realised that I need to keep my eyes on the road more. Otherwise we will quickly be seeing how good in crashes it really is. I can't play peek -a-boo cover my eyes and expect to remain on the road. Also if I'm mucking around in the driver's seat there is a strong probability that I will get pulled over by the Police then The Chancellor will shout at me, continually and for a long time. So it's in best interest to behave.

Seeing the wee man in his new chair make me think about how quickly 11 months have gone and how much he has grown up. Ask me what happened in the first 6 months of his life and I would really have to think about it hard because it has all just blurred into one giant lump of fuzzy memory. The human mind has to do this to your early memories so that you will continue to have more children. If you remembered it all then I suppose the world would have a much smaller population. Our friends Multi Mum and Dad seem to coping well with the arrival of two more little creatures to their family. Multi Dad did admit that they had a few awful nights with sleep deprivation and I don't envy him but my time will come again but not for a while.

Until then I will enjoy the fact that the wee man sleeps through the night (at the moment) and the crying seemed to stop somewhere around 6 months but I can't be sure of that. Of course now that I've said that I have jinxed it all and can expect nothing but bad times. But he did look ace in his new car seat.



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