Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Cheers from the rooftops, cheer in the streets, cheer to your neighbours and cheer to anyone you can find to cheer to, Cbeebies has returned to my TV. Due to some technical jiggery pockery and something about re tuning my TV set I lost Cbeebies for a couple of weeks. Now I'm not an advocate of letting your children watch large amounts of TV but there are some things in life that just make things a wee bit easier, especially when you're frantically trying to make lunch or dinner and your child is fussing away.

So after I had re tuned my TV Cbeebies wasn't where it was supposed to be and this made me very upset as I probably get more enjoyment out of those colourful and mend bending shows than my son does. Half the time he doesn't even really notice the TV on, except for Countdown and our favourite afternoon lady. But last night as I cruised through the channels while The Chancellor was taking an age in the bathroom before bed I found it sandwiched between the adult channels and BBC Parliament. Please don't glean from this that I was watching the adult channels, I was merely seeing what my free view box had to offer. Honest.

I'm not sure why my little box decided to move a children's related channel to where it did, maybe it has a black sense of humour, who knows but there it was shining like a beacon in the night. CBEEBIES! It called to me out of the gloom of my living room. I have never known a channel to have such an affect on me but that is the whole point I suppose. Like with the nursery rhymes I spoke of a while ago this channel has a hypnotic affect on both child and parent and I get lost in the songs and movement as much as the little man does at times. With certain shows I can leave him watching it as I put some washing on and when I come back he is still there, glazed eyes. He NEVER stays still any other time. It is The Box of Neglect, but like everything has its use. The wee man is asleep at the moment and I still have Cbeebies on in the background. There is something very wrong with me...



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