Monday, 22 October 2012

Quiet Son It's Time For Homeland!

Up and down, up and down, loads of crying, up and down, a big sigh, up and down, up and down, loads more crying, and finally collapse onto the sofa thinking all is good. Oh no. More crying, up and down, up and down and eventually three hours later he is asleep. We haven't had a night like that for a LONG time which makes it all the worse. You can't explain to a crying child that you are missing an enthralling episode of Homeland. I sneak five minutes while The Chancellor tries her tricks, why is Brody chasing some guy into the forest, what is going on?! Arghhh, I need to watch it!!! Don't tell me what happens, please! Back to reality and a mixture of things made last night teeth, a horrible virus that caused all the vomiting and a baby passed himself.

At the same time as we calmed one child, poor old Multi Dad and Multi Mum were having a worse time of it across town, with the variety of problems inflicting four children. I really shouldn't complain my problems must seem insignificant compared to theirs. But last night was an image of what it would be like to have another child seeing as I can't remember what it was like the first time. It did though all coming flooding back to me. Did we really do this every night for four to six months? I can't let this happen again. Vasectomy? Bit extreme probably, but it would put my mind at ease.

Back to Homeland and the cliffhanger last week, Saul and the memory disk?! My God Americans can write them. This is why I was so excited for a night of great fantasy TV. If anyone gives away the plot, your punishment is to spend three hours with a crying child. We may try again tonight, I hope things can return to normal. The life luckily has returned back to the wee man's face and he is heartily eating his lunch after a couple of days of eating nothing. That is at least one of many worries I can relax about. Ear plugs and subtitles tonight is the way forward.


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