Thursday, 11 October 2012

Who Are You? And What Have You Done With My Son?

It's one of those days today. One of those very strange days where everything that is happening is nice. I seem to have woken up in an alternate universe. The day started with the wee man giving me an extra hour in bed, followed by a very lovely breakfast of scrambled eggs. He of course didn't make the eggs and if he had done that would have been pretty impressive and I would be blogging about that instead. Then after that the wee man charmed the pants off all the people in the waiting at the doctor's surgery. For twenty minuted he reeled off his best stand-up routine smiling and chatting with babababas and deedeeedeedeees and bobobobs. Oh how the old dears cooed over my lovely son. 'He's so lovely' One woman says. What's wrong with this picture?

Being SUPER CYNICAL MAN I have a natural inbuilt distrust of life and expect a bad thing to happen to balance out the good thing. But so far today it has all been nice things. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining but I keep looking round my shoulder to see if someone is playing a trick on me. Maybe the wee man can be my sidekick and he could be called 'SLIGHTLY LESS CYNICAL, THAN SUPER CYNICAL MAN, BOY'. Has a ring to it. no?

I would be more than happy to stay in a universe where being a parent is all smiles and joy but alas we don't live in this world. Which is why the good times are amazing in our universe because they are measured up against the hard and difficult times. My super cynical senses though are telling me there will probably be an exploding nappy or a sleepless night ahead of me. But until then I will bask in some cheer and an afternoon of low maintenance child care, if there is such a thing...


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