Wednesday, 31 October 2012

He Just Sticks To Me Like Dried Porridge

Crunch talks being had here here today at HQ between myself and the wee man. Euphoria at winning the editor's choice award was tempered by a day yesterday of the wee man crying and whinging all day. ALL bloody day. Pick him up he cries, put him down he cries even more, he crawls off he cries, I twirl him around he cries, I accidently knock his head with my knee he cries a lot (I'll give him that one). I've never known him to be so clingy and this is quite annoying when I'm desperate for the toilet and he won't be put down. Peeing with your son on your shoulders is just absurd. So how do you solve a problem like a whiny child?

Go out. This seems to keep him happy for a couple of hours especially when baby sensory is involved. He is suddenly not so whiny when he sees Lisa and is straight away off to say hi to her. I just don't cut it for him. I need to learn more tricks of the trade I think, distraction techniques are key to a quieter day. If you have any ideas or tips then please put them on a postcard and send it to the appropriate address. I'm also stuck because it's half-term and most of the things I do to fill the void are off for the week. This is a bit of a bugger for nearly all the parents I know especially if they don't have family close at hand for extra help and conversation. The soft play places near by are filled with much older children because their parents have exactly the same idea as we the full timers have. 'How can we keep them entertained?!' 'SOFT PLAY!' we all shout at once.  

Funny Mummy this week has offered to have eight of the babies, including the wee man, round for a day of madness, mess and triple chocolate cookies (supplied by me). She has done this before and it is a bit chaotic to say the least. The wee man didn't want to join in last time and decided instead to rummage though their bins and poke their dog in the face. A truly proud moment for me.  Funny Mummy is brave to want to do this again. Who'll throw up first? Probably the wee man, sorry in advance.


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