Friday, 19 October 2012

Do You Remember Another Level? This Has Nothing To Do With Them.

Here at the sparkling, amazing and Bauhaus-esque One Man and a Wee Bairn HQ (my dining table, laptop and upturned bottle of ketchup from eggy toast this morning), I have decided to take this blogging lark to another level. Yes another level, are you excited? Are you waiting with baited breath to find out what this other level is? Has it got anything to do with that awful boy band Another Level? Thankfully no. With the help of The Chancellor (proof reading and critial eye) I sent off my application this morning to a certain baby related website who are running a competition/job search for new bloggers. I will only mention their name if they promise to give me loads of free stuff so for now re-arrange Centre UK Baby and see what you get.

Being Super Cynical Man I don't expect to get through to the shortlist which will be published on the website. If by some magical bit of magic I do get through then it will be there for all you lovely One Man and a Wee Bairn readers to vote for. So if I it does appear on the website then expect lots of posts which have small subliminal messages that might say something like VOTE FOR ME, VOTE FOR ME, VOTE FOR ME. Not quite subliminal but sod it I want the job. My pitch may go something like this, 'I can put an end to world hunger, economic instability and anything else you want as long as you vote for me' Surely that's all Obama has to say to win the election.

I can't do all this however with a word from the star of the show. Mamamamamamama. There you go, sort of a word. The wee man has the ability to change these blog posts quite quickly mainly depending on how much sleep he gives me. The less sleep the more time it takes me as I'm still catching up with myself and I'm not awake until sometime in the afternoon. VOTE FOR ME. Also half the stories I have told wouldn't have been possible without the wee man so maybe just maybe I will give him some money in the future in royalties.  However I have already made deals with him that involve me buying him a car and paying for a round the world trip in exchange for good behaviour so I won't make myself bankrupt. VOTE FOR ME!


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