Friday, 5 October 2012

There Is a Job Going As My PA

There are a great many days and weeks, like I have spoken often of in this blog, which are so boring you want to hit your head off of a door frame in a hope of sparking some flame of imagination. You eek out any job you do no matter how mundane or short it is. There is a wonderful scene in the TV show Friends where Ross is on sabbatical and Joey asks him what he has done today. Ross reels off five things he has done and Joey laughs and claims that would be a weeks worth of jobs for him. Anyone who has had a period of not working will understand this. Today on the other hand has been so busy I'm only just getting lunch and it's half past four in the afternoon.

Jobs to be done in the morning, lunch with a friend and then swimming. But that's not all my blog reading friends, I am even going to be uber social tonight and am going out with other Dads. We aim to talk like men do but will no doubt quickly take the conversations back to our children very quickly. Always seems to be the way.  So tomorrow I will be hungover and tired after a long week and will no doubt get no sympathy from The Chancellor. However I have been promised two hours of unadulterated alone time this weekend and before you say it it does not involve naked woman, either in person or on screen. More than likely I will clean some rooms and I might just might be able to do The Guardian quick crossword but that might have to wait until later in the night or when the call of duty calls.

Also as it's Friday it would only be right to share that the wee man has learnt how to dance and shake his hips. This is very endearing to watch but he is a long way off being as good me and my one dance move. He could out dance most revelers in the clubs of Newcastle if we could bring him out but that wouldn't be difficult with some of the people who go out on Friday night. Until tomorrow.


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