Monday, 1 October 2012

Stairway To Accident and Emergency

There is always something. Something that can mame or kill or which can be broken. But I suppose if you are a neurotic parent then EVERYTHING can mame, kill or be broken even bubbles. The Chancellor is fairly neurotic and sees the many many hazards in life even if they don't exist yet. She is the holistic mother, if you will. However there are some hazards that even I agree seem terrible. 

The next thing, that we realised this weekend, that has had to be added to the long and laborious list of things that are dangerous are stairs. We have been lucky in the respect that we live in a downstairs flat which has no stairs so the wee man has never encountered them before. So it was all very new to us too and we stood hesitantly behind him as he sat at the bottom of my parents stairs looking wistfully up in the distance. It came as no real surprise, as he has no fear, when he began climbing, at first slowly and then fairly quickly as on his second attempt he reached halfway. Once the technique was down there was no stopping him. Every now and again he would stop turn and grin knowing he was doing something profoundly brilliant. And it was brilliant but  it is very scary how mobile and strong he has become in such a short period of time.

He is now going to be known as Edmund Hillary and I can be his Tenzig Norgay and we together can scale the many heights ahead but it won't be long before he out runs me very quickly. In a different age I would be packing him off into a giant ship encouraging him to discover new continents. For now he can roam his Grandparents house which is probably like a brave new world for him anyway.


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