Tuesday, 30 October 2012

I Take A Step Onto The Winner's Podium!

You'll never believe it. You really won't but here at One Man HQ we are in a state of shock. Like a final minute overhead kick to win the World Cup I've only gone and pulled it out of the bag. Editor's choice award? Oh yes I'll take that thank you very much. After getting demolished in the popular vote and weeping every night into my pillow and the shoulder of The Chancellor I am coming to terms with this award and now I have to deal with actually writing something profound for someone other than me. Not that I ever wrote anything profound in the first place. Can I step up to the plate? A lot of people including me are hoping that I can.

But I can't rest on my laurels drinking champagne and bathing in self adulation. I have to knuckle down and do some great writing. However to treat myself I have somehow managed to convince The Chancellor that buying an iPad is a good idea and will aid me with my writing. It just means I think that I will waste more time on the internet searching for really pointless things, or reading things when I'm on the toilet. Excited to go shopping this weekend! A revolution in toilet habits awaits.

But again I must thank everyone who helped promote me to get me noticed. Drinks on me tonight*. If you feel the need to read what I will be writing I will be on the Baby Centre UK website from the beginning on November onwards. I'm not sure of an exact day yet but I'm sure I will let you know when this happens. Then one day in the future when I'm on TV you can turn to your friend and say smugly 'See him? I was reading him before it was cool to read him.' Ok, maybe not and I can't imagine a scenario where it's cool to read my work but hey ho it's nice to dream.


*By drinks of course I mean tap water and nothing that will incur a charge on me.


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