Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A Liberating Moment With A Bouncy Ball

There are some moments, doing what I do, when you chuckle with such childish glee and excitement.  Making forts for one makes you revert to being a small boy again and there is such pure joy hiding under sheets suspended from between chairs. The wee man is of course still a bit too young to really understand what is happening and why there is a sign that says 'No Girls Allowed'. 

Yesterday I was so excited when I cam across an old party bag containing a rubber bouncing ball. It shimmered and gleamed in front of my eyes saying to me 'You know you want to throw me around especially outside.' I really wanted to and soon got bored of chucking it at walls of the house, so late in the afternoon I hurried the wee man into the pushchair and off I went to the park. Such childish excitement. I even kept it in my hand all the way down to the park. But I had to be careful and couldn't let anyone see me hurling it into the ground seeing how high I could get it. So I passed by other parents smiling at them, as I do, and as soon as they were out of sight checked the coast was clear and hurled it as hard as I could into the ground and watched with such delight the red ball flying off into the air. Oh the unbridled joy. The wee man wasn't even watching instead eating his sock so I left him for a moment and threw it again and again until someone came into view. When they did I popped it back into my pocket and turned back into the responsible adult that I obviously am. If only they knew how much fun I was having.

The ball is now my new super favorite thing and will keep it in my bag from now on in case I get a moment when no one is around and I can be a child once again. I'm looking forward to the day when the wee man is older and I can do these things with him without fear of mockery. If you think you are too mature for such things then you are wrong and you should go and buy yourself a rubber ball and regress to a former life. It's incredibly liberating!


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