Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Doctor, Doctor My Wife Is Sick...

Today I have a very ill Chancellor at home with me. It took a Herculean effort from myself to get her to stay off for the day. She is a slave to a perfect record of attendance and is a true hero, so when she is loosing her voice and sounds like an elderly Geordie man there is something wrong. She has just reminded me that she hasn't had a day off sick for four years. True hero. This all means that today I have another person to look after today, luckily The Chancellor doesn't need a nappy change nor does she throw up on my shoulder and trousers. Silver lining and all that.

I am popping out though this afternoon going with Funny Mummy's husband to a soft play area and will leave her filled with horrible mucus and a sense of self pity. Seeing however as she is a stickler to doing jobs and never being able to sit still the house will probably be cleaned from top to bottom before I come back. The wee man and I will also have to be sneaky in watching our favorite afternoon programme. We will ship The Chancellor off to the bedroom with a big smile and lemsip just before our lovely lady appears on TV. We can't miss her even for one day... Again, sorry, I'm digressing.

The Chancellor will get some cracking home care, as good as anything you would find in the NHS, which obviously translates to waiting half an hour for a glass of water and wading through loads of beaucracy in order to get a biscuit. She is a lucky lady. Maybe just maybe I will stretch to rubbing her feet but there will be paper work involved and the promise of getting something in return probably money or wine. Again she is a lucky lady. Get well soon love.


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