Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Musical Madness

If you put nearly thirty children plus parents into a very small room what do you think happens? Madness occurs for a good hour, that is what happens. Today I have been along with my friend, I will call her Funny Mummy (Funny haha not 'Hey look over there! That woman is really funny looking' kind of funny) to a new musical group. It was pretty over subscribed and I got to know the people around me quite intimately as we were squeezed in like sardines. From the first minute the wee man is on it, bopping up and down and flirting with the various mothers around him. He gives this look of 'Hi ladies how's it going?', in his mind he probably sounds like Barry White and follows the line with a wink. You may think I'm daft but he is seriously smooth. Well he was until he started sticking his tongue out and attempted to lick everything.

But fun was had by all even Funny Mummy who has not slept much in recent days and is one bad cup of tea away from killing someone. We are there for you but if you leave your child with me for the afternoon you must sign a legal document that says you will come back and collect your child because I can't handle two children. I can barely manage one.

Sometimes the louder and crazier the group is the better and it gets out all those angry feelings you have been feeling in the days before. Also the woman who ran this specific group today was very funny and very cheerful which is quite infectious. The wee man has certainly woken up in a better mood. And as I write he is standing, shouting and smiling at a rather lovely TV presenter who pulls letters from a wall (If you're in the UK you know what I mean). She is rather lovely and looks great today...... Anyway I digress...What was I saying? Something about children?


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