Sunday, 28 October 2012

What Noise Do Dinosaurs Make?

'We're going to the museum, we're going to the museum, we're going to see dinosaurs! Yay! We get to see dinosaurs!' (clap, clap, clap, all very exciting, clap, clap, clap ) You might think this is the wee man but no it's me. There is something wonderfully brilliant about going to the museum, you are suddenly transported back to when you were a a six year old boy and to when everything was big and wondrous and amazing. It doesn't change. And it seems even more exciting when you have children. In a vain attempt to cheer everyone up, this afternoon we packed ourselves into the car and tootled off the nearest free museums. I spent the drive thinking about a giant T-Rex skeleton they have and clapping to myself in my head. Yay, yay, yay!

With the wee man strapped to my back like some primate we dodged past the many children that swarmed round the place, hyperactive and loud. The parents probably regretting loading their children up with too much sugar had let them loose on the general public hoping they would use up all that lovely refined energy before home time. I wonder how far they would fly if you stuck out a nonchalant leg, no one would know it's a pretty dark place. No, shouldn't be mean one of the little buggers would probably kick me in retaliation  The dinosaur section seemed the busiest bit with little children tediously shouting away but there looming out of the darkness was the fantastic T-Rex, how exciting. The wee man didn't seem at all interested instead fixated on the giant TV screen next to us. Product of our generation me thinks. It made me happy none-the-less. There's that six year old boy again.

So after a while seeing dead things and stuffed things and really really scary things we all returned home tired out by our family outing. The wee man even managed to bag a toy dinosaur for himself which I may or may not spend my time playing with, I mean he's too young for it, right? And it would only seem right to play with it. RUAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH GRRRRRRRRRR RUAAAAAAAHHHHH!

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