Thursday, 1 November 2012

Do You Want A Signed Picture Of Me?

'Be prepared to make a fool of yourself!' This is the battle cry this morning from a very Geordie woman as me and three mummies begin a morning of messy play that is on an industrial level. There were three rooms dedicated to making a mess and they are filled to bursting with mucky children, including the wee man. I left home this morning with a clean boy and returned with the Incredible Hulk as he took a liking to spaghetti covered in green food colouring. It didn't take long, as you can imagine, for us to retire to the 'quiet' room which was much nicer that my own living room and filled with toys galore. So I sat back on the leather sofa and let the wee man rampage around to his heart's delight. Top parenting.

As we were there I asked Funny Mummy what it was like to know a celebrity now that I'm a world renowned writer. She didn't need to reply and I got a look of 'you twat'. I told her next time she books us in for anything she must follow my name with 'writer for Baby Centre, do you know him?' I wonder if they mums in my group would like a signed picture of me for their wall or maybe a key fob with my face on it. Or even better a Zoolander-esque calender so I can be with them every month. Maybe not. I'm glad all the ladies I know have a sense of humour otherwise I think I could get ostracised from the group very quickly if I keep going on like this. From now on I'm banning myself from talking about blogging and the like until I have something up on the Baby Centre website. If they want a signed picture or key fob they will have to ask me themselves.  

So before the last beams of sun disappear today I might go and sit in the park and see how many people I can tell 'I'm a baby Centre Blogger.' I don't think however that is the way to make friends and someone might not just look at me and think 'twat' they will probably say it to my face. Not everyone knows my tongue is firmly in my cheek. Until tomorrow.


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