Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Time To Build A Castle

I'm a man of the edge! Well that's being a bit dramatic and in fairness it probably is The Chancellor whose on the edge. If she had an axe or a broad sword then she would chopped my head off last night. She is generally a very patient woman but with me wittering on and stressing about my new responsibilities with the new blog all night I think she might have been close to ending my life. It's the last thing she needs when she returns home after a long day at work is me having a bit of a meltdown. But a few problems had emerged with the first blog post including technical glitches with the uploading platform and like my son has done on many an occasion I got past myself. I think my nerves had taken over a wee bit and led me down a path of neurotic chatter and annoyance. I would have chopped my head off just to shut me up.

Anyway sorted. For now. So onto today. Well I would talk about today but it's one of those days when nothing is happening. The constant rain doesn't really get you enthused enough to venture outside. So I think it might be a day of fort building or assault course building  There are plenty of old boxes hanging around the house and I could probably muster up the energy to transport us to a world of castles and dragons. Of course it's all for me rather than the wee man who will just eat the boxes anyway. It will kill time before The Chancellor returns home if anything.

So off I go to pretend that I'm in Game of Thrones. We will be of course be Northerners from Winterfell. It will certainly be a boys afternoon of slaying dragons and Lanisters. I have already mustered up the necessary excitement and am now looking for foam from which to make a sword. All I need now is Sean Bean...


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