Sunday, 25 November 2012

Birthday Bash

The wee man is indeed a lucky man. Today at his birthday bash he was inundated with a vast array of expensive and fabulous toys and gifts. Wonderful wooden toys, clothes, money (that I'm not allowed) and new bath toys that will make bath time so much more fun. The Chancellor and I feel very touched that we have so many nice friends and family who care so much about the wee man. Blub, blub, blub. Sorry I'll just wipe that tear away.

In return for the toys and adulation the wee man was in fine form, flirting, smiling, laughing and dancing. He even managed a half hour nap while there was so much going on in the room. Top man. We couldn't have asked for anything better really and we are now all cream crackered except for the wee man who is buzzing around the place at full speed. Glancing at my watch I think it maybe a while before he is in bed. Even if he is up in the middle of the night I will grant him leeway as he has been so good today, I will just endure a torrid night if he is up.   

There you go as a treat I have included a picture of the wee man's birthday cake, aren't I nice? And what a lovely glimpse of The Chancellor's arm. I 'm going to go and sit down now and hopefully sleep a deep and undisturbed sleep. Ta ta.



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