Monday, 19 November 2012

Can You Not Let Your Dog Bark In My Son's Face Please

On a day to day base I seem to attract weird and or annoying people. Or maybe they attract me and think I'm weird. Generally it's people who won't move out of the way on the pavement as I push the buggy past and then they tut at me. People like that. Tedious folk and life would be much easier if they weren't around to annoy me. There seems to be at least one encounter a day.

I encountered such a person today. Ironically this happened while pushing the wee man around the grounds of a psychiatric hospital which is round the corner from my home. The grounds by the way are very pleasant and there are no scary patients wondering around. Anyway as the wee man snoozed away oblivious to anything else in the world a woman let her very big dog come up to the pushchair and bark loudly in the wee man's face. Luckily he woke only for a couple of seconds before returning to his slumber. As you would imagine I was quite annoyed by this and I suggested to the lady that she might want to take her dog away but I was greeted with a blank look and shrug of the shoulders. I shook my head in her face, told her she was an idiot and continued on my way. Poor little man. I would be pissed off if I was woken up with a dog barking in my face.

I could sit here and rant for a while about keeping control of your pets but I can't be bothered. The wee man seems to have an affinity for dogs and I wouldn't want him to get a complex after a meeting with a loud dog. If it happens again I'll call her more than an idiot and I might kick her.



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  1. If it happens again love this site I'll call her more than an idiot and I might kick her.