Thursday, 15 November 2012

This Time Two Years Ago We Were In Barcelona...

First off today if you feel the need you can read my Baby Centre blog post for this week. You can find it It touches on, in more detail, some points that I have made in this blog a while ago. However the problem in question seems to have been around for a while, so it was worth discussing again.

Away from the admin of today, after two nights of collapsing on the sofa, so run down that we could cry, The Chancellor and I closed our eyes and imaged a holiday of sun, sand and sea. I posited that we just say sod it, max out the credit cards, leave the wee man with the grandparents and head off the the Maldives for a week or so. At the time of saying this it the idea seemed daft and far fetched but the more I thought about it the more it began to sound like a wonderful idea. You only live once eh? Plus there would be no guilt about the wee man as he loves spending time with his Grandparents and they love having him. Just imagine a week of sleep. A week of peace. A week of not being ill. A week of...I could go on for a while with this. So let's just say it would be very nice indeed.

There should be a fund set up by the government for parents who need a holiday as there is no one more deserving of a holiday as a knackered parent. Everyone I know certainly would benefit from from time in the sun. At the moment The Chancellor and I are on permanent catch-up, mainly with our health and sleep. Once one of us gets rid of something then another one of us gets something again. I can't remember a time when one of wasn't ill. I think a long holiday would sort us all out and it might just cheer us up a little bit.

Two years ago this month, before children, we were in Barcelona enjoying very comfortable temperatures, the delights of Gaudi, very nice wine and amazing food. How things change...


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