Monday, 5 November 2012

Sign O' The Times

I feel a little guilty today. Well maybe not guilt but I feel sorry for the wee man. I feel sorry for him because his Dad is an idiot and a sucker for consumer products. I went and bought a very early Christmas present for myself, well it's from The Chancellor and my parents but I thought I would pick it up today so I can play with two months before Christmas. I went and got a tablet this morning, a Google device that is shiny and does stuff fun and is new and shiny and bright and shiny.

In a morning of adventure and fun for the wee man we went a number of electrical outlets finding the right price for my new toy. This was all well and good for the first couple of shops. Pull up, get him out of the car, check price, put him back in. Repeat for a good hour and half  He doesn't like being in his car seat for long periods so by the time we got to shop number five or six he was a bit peeved as you would imagine. 'This again?' was the general feeling of the boy but I did find the best price so he has to be happy with that. But all's well that ends well, despite being a but pissed off he is napping and my new toy is charging so everyone's a winner.

I remember being a child and being dragged around rubbish places, like supermarkets, with my parents wishing I was anywhere else. So even though the wee man is too young to really notice I do feel his pain already. And I worry for the day he is old enough to know his Dad is a bit rubbish and addicted to new things. I hope he isn't inflicted with my addictive personality. By the time he is a teenager for example the thing that I have bought today will be obsolete and there will be something new that all the kids and childish adults like me want. It's just a sign of the times I suppose.

Enough writing I need to see if it has finished charging...


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