Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Cough And My Grumpiness Continue

When I look back in a years time at these posts, I would imagine the vast majority of them will be either about lack of sleep or illness. For as long as I can remember this has what our lives have been about. The wee man has had a cough for at least a couple of months now and it seems to have gotten worse. 

For the last couple of nights the coughing has bothered him so much that he has woken and not wanted to go back to sleep. It would be OK if he just lay there contemplating his baby existence or reading classic literature or writing a novel but he doesn't, he cries and moans keeping us all awake. In the end, last night, The  Chancellor brought him in with us which is something neither of us want as neither of us get any better sleep than if he was just crying in his room. 

I know we are not the only parents who are in this boat as this cough has hit more babies than just ours. But it is like noting has changed in the space of a year and we still have a newborn child. Exhausting. The wee man on the other hand still seems to be as energetic as ever despite hacking away as a result of his 20 a day habit. 

In my grumpiness in the middle of the night I moan that he is the worst baby in our group and as of tomorrow I'm running away with a younger model and will never be found. The Chancellor claims though that she will always find me and make me do my babysitting duty. Shame. As a parent you always have hope that the next night will be better and you might get some sleep. Hope for us has turned into desperation and eventually desperation will turn into lunacy. Tonight I will be praying to any God that will listen that we can get some sleep as if we don't I may not be standing tomorrow. I'm not fussy any God will do.


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