Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Wee Man Turns One!!!

Today the wee man turns one so I say to you happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you... yada yada yada.

Between us, The Chancellor and I have managed to keep him alive for 365 days which has to be, by far, my greatest achievement since completing Zelda: Ocorina of Time for the N64 games console. In this time we both have had roughly six months each with him and I can’t claim to have taught him anything important except for patting his hand to his mouth to sound like a Warrior Indian or saying the word ‘egg’. I’m not sure I can pretend, with this, to have built on the solid groundwork that The Chancellor laid down in those formative months.

But there have been a couple of important things which I have exposed him to in my period of residency.

Firstly, Rachel Riley...err I mean Countdown. It’s all about the education in our house. I’ll keep telling myself that. But Countdown has given me the most endearing thing I have ever seen in my life. When the thirty second countdown begins the wee man begins to dance in time with the beat. It is a wonderful sight to see but I think he dances better than me, which isn’t hard.

Secondly, Prime Ministers’ Question time. This is our avid Wednesday lunchtime viewing. Most children get cartoons the wee man gets intense political debate. I’m not sure this interests him as much as Waybuloo does but he will get used to it and it might teach him a thing or two about being liberal with the truth. This might make the teenagers years difficult. There are a number of other things including free jazz but that is far too pretentious to write about so I won’t make myself sound like an idiot. If I haven’t already.

Anyway tonight a few glasses of wine will be raised to my ace son. And only another 17 years left until I can charge him rent or kick him out.


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