Sunday, 11 November 2012

First Birthday Parties Part 2

Round two today of first birthdays. For us there will now be a few weeks at the same time each year of children's birthdays. This will be the very expensive month, especially so close to Christmas. The older the children get the more depressed I think we will get. Before you know it the wee man will be 21, a fully fledged adult and I will be old with a bad hip moaning about how everything was much better  in my day, which is very true it was better.

Today though was about more food, more cake and lots more children but not as many as yesterday fortunately. I'm not sure I could have coped with loads of marauding children again. Luckily the wee man and I managed to find ourselves a quiet corner where we could play with the toys and eat our buffet foods, which were very nice. The only sour moment was when the party girl cuddled the wee man and he burst into tears. It's difficult to explain to him that in a few years time he will be desperate for girls to cuddle him. All in good time son, all in good time.

Like yesterday we were sent packing with a good amount of cake most of which has been eaten already over a cup of tea. A great Sunday afternoon. For me maybe but not The Chancellor who as I write is wrestling with an exploding diarrheay nappy and a very over tired baby. I'll just leave her to it, wouldn't want to interfere. Plus I still have half a cup of tea here and rotten smell will put me off finishing it.

So once again this weekend, partying has worn us all out and we are ready for bed a few hours earlier than normal. It's hard this sociable lark. We were saying on the way back from the party we have more friends and do more things now we have the wee man, just a shame we have no money now.



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