Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Is That A Log In The Bath?

We haven't had a bathroom incident for a while. The wee man seemed to have grown out them. You're probably wondering what a bathroom incident is, I'll tell you. As you know if you have been reading the blog recently, we are stationed at the moment at my parent's house. We have decided to stay longer as we can't face debt, a damp flat and noisy neighbours. We can just suspend reality for a while.

So last night, at bath time, was the first opportunity we had had to use the wee man's new bath time toy. It's great, it's a turtle that says stuff and plays music and lights up. The wee man throughout the bath seemed a bit out of sorts. We just thought it was because he was somewhere slightly different and he just hadn't quite adjusted yet. As bath time passed I was having more fun with his new turtle that he was. Then after chewing on a crab for a while he stood up, steadied himself and promptly had a massive poo in my parents' bath. It wasn't a runny poo no it was a full double sausage poo that floated off and touched all his bath toys. After emptying his bowels the wee man perked up and started to kick the bath water about. Seeing that this would end badly for all of us I quickly pulled him from the bath leaving the offending bowel movement to continue floating around.

My Father having watched the offending incident said that he would not use the bath for at least two days. The Chancellor and I apologised profusely for our son and luckily my parents (well my Mum) didn't mind. But it was just another job for us to disinfect all the wee man's bath toys. 

I have for the last two blog posts been giving you pictures but I think with this you wouldn't have liked a picture of what the bath looked liked. You are just going to have to visualise it and even then I probably wouldn't recommend it. Bath time looms on the horizon tonight and I don't want to have to do all that cleaning again. Will lady luck shine upon me tonight?


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