Saturday, 3 November 2012


I bet you've been waiting at your computers all day haven't you? Have you been hitting refresh on the One Man website waiting for an update? Have you been asking yourself or your friend why there hasn't been an update today? 'Oh my God it's so late and there is nothing new.' If you haven't been asking yourself this then shame on you. If you have been asking yourself this then a super secret prize is on your way.

It's amazing what can happen in 24 hours. After a night of me sleeping on the living room floor you would think I was really pissed off with the world. But our annual fireworks night has cheered me up. Well the five or six glasses of wine cheered me up. The wee man lasted the first half of the proceedings until a particular screechy rocket caused his lower lip to tremble and his face to to drop and The Chancellor in a motherly moment whisked hum inside away from the circus. Luckily she was sober and knew what was best for him. She's wonderful isn't she?!

But I can hear your concern. Why did you have to sleep on the living room floor last night? What did The Chancellor do to you? It was due to my own gluttony and three quarters of a bottle of wine that led me to the living room floor. The wee man and his clinginess meant that for another night he was in our bed which we don't like but if it means we all sleep then I'm happy. But after drinking nearly a bottle of wine I was banished to front room in case I rolled over and squished him. Fair enough but I can't remember a night that I slept upright on the sofa for a while. Oooooh my back this morning. Banished and it was so cold last night. I feel your pity towards me.

Luckily after today there are haven't been any ill effects for the wee man after the fireworks and it hasn't scarred him for life. But if tonight was the beginning of pyromania then The Chancellor is to blame. Clearly.


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