Thursday, 22 November 2012

Whatever Tony The Tiger Says Must Be True

First off the usual Thursday admin. If you go to you will find this Thursday's blog for Baby Centre. Also if you feel the need to comment on it then please do, even if you comment with other Smiths' lyrics that is fine and I will think you are very cool.  

So to today and what a difference a good nights sleep makes. After a quiet night, I like Tony The Tiger says feel ggrrrreat!There is an extra spring in my step and an extra step in my stride. The wee man too seems less tired and whingey and has a broader smile on his face.We're like a new family. Will it all change tonight? I'm not saying anything. I'm not tempting any fates or even making the merest hint that it might happen. I will leave it to the will of the Gods.

We also feel energised today after singing songs this morning about living on an iceberg for forty years and other weird subject matter.The music group is very fun but I wonder where they came up with some of the lyrics for their songs. The group, as well as sometimes confusing me, also gives the wee man the perfect opportunity to practice his new found love of dancing. And as we drove home, playing The Smashing Pumpkins in the car, he rocked away nodding his head and moving his upper body  to the beat of the song. So proud. None of these rubbish nursery rhymes for us.

Next week when we go to Piccolo music it will be the wee man's birthday and he will also have the company of his mother as we dance and sing about creeping jungle animals. As well as the daily blog about it there will be a special birthday edition of The Baby Centre blog where I talk of the importance of Zelda, Rachel Riley and Prime Minister's question time. If you can work out how they link into a post about a first birthday then there is a prize in it for you. If you can't work it out then you will just have to read next week.


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