Monday, 26 November 2012

His First Shoes

I love shoe shopping...and coat shopping and man bag shopping and accessory shopping. If this makes me slightly feminine then so be it but I do have a rather excellent collection of coats and jackets so I don't care. Anyway today we went to measure the wee man for his first pair of shoes. This is a truly momentous day and a very proud one for The Chancellor and I.

The wee man couldn't have been any better as he let some strange woman measure his feet. He sat quietly and calmly not flinching or really caring about what was going on around him. So he says a big thank you to his Grandmother who has paid for his new footwear.

We chose a pair with dinosaurs on which are very cute and also very cool. He now looks like a real little boy tottering around the place in his new pumps. We were scared for a moment in the shop as he kept going back to a pair of sparkly pink shoes. No matter how many times we lured him away back he went for the sparkles, does he want to be a female ballet dancer or just female?

Just to be clear that neither is a bad thing as I am very liberal but my son will be growing up to be a professional footballer so ballet doesn't really fit. I intend to live vicariously through him as my footballing career was cut short by a bad knee injury and more importantly a lack of real footballing talent. The real great ones have it in the head but not on the pitch. That's what I like to tell myself.

I have discovered only yesterday how to insert pictures into my posts so here is another picture after yesterday's shot of The Chancellor's arm. Did you like the arm? It's a good arm.

 How cool are these? And how arty is my shot? As the wee man has now decided to sleep I couldn't get a picture with him in the shoes so you will just have to imagine little legs sticking out of them.



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