Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A View Of How Things Used To Be

There is something truly wonderful about talking to someone who doesn't have children. They give off this vibe of being totally relaxed about life, mainly because they have had 8 hours plus sleep every night for...forever. They look and sound good too. There are no bags under the eyes, no frayed nerves, no cynicism and no wrinkles. They give you a window into the life you used to have before the sleepless nights. Conversations are wonderfully refreshing too. There is no chat about bottles or formula or when is the right time to do this and that or why are my son's poos so offensive?

Today the wee man and I had lunch with a former work colleague and her fiance. They don't have children of their own yet so the conversations over lunch were more than just baby related. It felt nice to speak of a life away from children. 'You can actually go somewhere without it taking you at least an hour to get ready? You don't smell constantly of nappy sacks and dried baby sick?'

I am not so secretly jealous of their life mainly because at the moment the wee man isn't sleeping at night. Last night was another night of crying. Plus along with the tears the wee man isn't interested in being soothed by me and seems to cry even more until The Chancellor enters the room. As soon as he sees her face he stops the tears and calms down. Rejection of sorts.

He still seems to be happy enough though with spending his days with me. Not sure however how long that will last. Next week though he gets both of us as The Chancellor is taking a holiday and spending 9 days with us. Happiness all around. It can't come soon enough and I might try to convince her to add a few days onto the end of it. Fancy taking a month off or even a year???


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