Sunday, 4 November 2012

Do You Want My Advice?

Something really funny happens when you are a parent and you meet people who are in various stages of pregnancy. You become one of those people who you hated when you yourself were pregnant. You sit there and vent repressed emotion about what happened with your child. You find yourself saying things like 'I know it might be different with your child but...' or 'Everyone will give you advice, I hated that but the only  piece of advice I'll give you is...' You just can't help yourself. Later on, especially if the couple having their first, you feel sorry for them that you have been so full on. They have been left in a state of fear and total bewilderment. You reel off nightmare story after nightmare story about sleep or the lack of it that must just leave them wondering what they did getting pregnant.

So to my cousin and her husband I am sorry, I just needed to vent. Both me and the Chancellor were naive about having a child and there is nothing like the hand on experience of actually having one. You can take all the NCT classes you want but nothing will prepare you. Sorry I'm doing it again aren't I. Advice. Maybe it's just that you want to look after new parents because you know how hard it is or maybe I'm just a smug git. No more I promise.

Despite me trying to be really well informed parent #1, a splendid time was had by all this weekend even if the wee man had a funny turn with the fireworks. Good food, wine and excellent babysitting which allowed me to rest my poor feet. Also a quick shout out tonight to Funny Mummy and Funny Daddy whose son was in hospital today after an accident with a mirror. I'm just amazed we weren't the first in A&E and it's made The Chancellor and I more inclined to baby proof the house and put the wee man in bubble wrap forever. I hope you all sleep tonight and your little man gets better soon.


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