Wednesday, 7 November 2012

'It Says Romans Go Home'. 'No It Doesn't.'

With the wee man's first birthday peeking around the corner it was nice today to think, as we took our afternoon stroll, about what I was doing on this day a year ago. Unsurprisingly I couldn't remember.

'Wow that was a really good story' I can hear you saying to yourself. One of my better ones I think. But the point of me saying this is that apart from seeing The Smashing Pumpkins just before he was born I have no memories of the lead up to his birth. I have a couple of pictures of The Chancellor sitting on a giant ball but I don't remember taking them.

The abiding memory of the the day she went into labour was watching Monty Python's Life of Brian while we were sitting at home carefully plotting the long list of contractions. The Chancellor would be laughing quite heartily one minute then straining and breathing quickly the next as another contraction washed over her. Luckily The Chancellor shared my opinion that this was quite funny and it was all very surreal. If she hadn't have shared my sense of humour I might well have met my son with a black eye.

After going in hospital my memories start to blur and become a little hazy. And after mid-night of that night the memories just disappear. This is a shame and these memory lapses were one of the reasons I started the blog. I can at least go back in a years time and see exactly what I was doing. However with the ramblings of these blog posts I might not want to remember what I was doing, especially on those slow days.


P.S. Just a reminder I start my weekly blog on the Baby Centre UK website tomorrow if you are interested in reading more of my witterings. I don't blame you if you are washing your hair but if you can find the time it would make me quite happy. Thanks a lot. 

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