Saturday, 17 November 2012

That Was Not A Fun Road Trip

Yay family day out today yay! Where shall we go? Well in the end nowhere. Through a series of unfortunate events we ended up just driving around the city for nearly an hour.

First off we thought lets go to the museum. This seems easy enough but as we drive through the city centre we forgot it's match day in the city. Newcastle United's ground in right in the city centre and the museum we wanted to go to is right next to the stadium. So we drove around and around and around some more looking for a space but none was to be found, so a fed up me gave up and took an executive decision. Let's go to the the contemporary art gallery on the river front.

OK off we go. I have been here before but ALWAYS take the wrong junction. Today is no different and taking the wrong junction we get lost in not a nice area of Gateshead. All through this The Chancellor is laughing at me for getting lost and the wee man is pissed off that we aren't going anywhere. So after multiple more wrong turns including circling a roundabout a couple of times we end up miles from home. An hour after leaving we end up back home after a really really (un)fun family day out.

But my day is not going to get better as I'm sent to the big supermarket on a Saturday afternoon to do the weekly shop. Never again. Never again will I do this as it's the most awful place to be on a Saturday afternoon and I would have much rather spent the afternoon with the wee man. Luckily my speed and trolley rage enables me to get round quickly even if I've made no friends on the way. I can get a little aggressive under the pressure of supermarket shopping but if it means a speedy exit then that's fine. The wine I snuck home will help me feel better about the toes I ran over today.


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