Friday, 16 November 2012

A Weekend Just To Myself? No

This weekend we have some nice stuff planned as a family but I'm also gunning for some time by myself that doesn't involve children, toys, baby food, prams, nappies, napping, bottles and Cebeebies.

Basically if you can think of the most unfamily friendly thing then I want to do it (but nothing sordid, I'll get into trouble). I talked about holidays here yesterday but after some thought and the reveal of my credit card bill today I realise that this could be a bit too hard to sort. So I'm not asking for a holiday or a wild weekend of physical and psychological destruction, all I want is a little bit of non-baby time. I'm sure every stay at home parent will want this this weekend.

Seeing as The Chancellor has just arrived home very early from work, things are looking rosey for me already. Just need to get her drunk now and persude her to take the wee man out for a very long walk tomorrow. Or he can join her wandering around Marks and Spencer's looking at every single things that's in the shop. He needs to learn from a young age that this will be his job in years to come with his wife. If he learns it now then the tedium won't seem as bad in years to come.

On a bright note, last night the wee man decided that sleep was a useful and fun thing to do and returned to a full nights sleep after a few days of protesting. Other babies in the groups had joined his picket line and spent the week awake thinking they knew better than their parents. We will however always quell the masses and return our houses to totalitarian states that they are. Though their protests will probably get harder to crush the older they get. Water cannons at the ready. 


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