Monday, 12 November 2012

The Chancellor Is Very Wonderful

Today's post nearly didn't happen. After a routine bout of man flu yesterday, I thought after a good nights sleep I would be ok. But this morning after an awful ill nights sleep I started vomiting blood. I'm no medical expert but I know that this isn't a very good thing. A few years ago the same thing happened but that was because I gauged on meat which included eating a suckling pig. This time there was no meat involved, so it made me worry a little seeing the toilet bowl filled with blood. I cried out to The Chancellor to see what had happened not that it was at all a pretty sight. 

So she stood by her marriage vows and took the day off work to help me with the wee man. As I couldn't walk this morning it would have been very hard for me to do any childcare. She has been a star all day letting me sleep for four extra hours this morning, making me soup and looking after a very grumpy child. A very grumpy child. It's important that I say this twice as he's been a little bugger all day. But if he has the onsets of what I have then I feel very sorry for him.

To placate the wee man The Chancellor is dancing around to a Disney songs CD that seems to have been on a permanent cycle in our house. He is more than happy to bounce up and down for the entirety of the CD, which is good for me as it tires him out ergo sleep tonight, in reality this never happens it's just me being hopeful.Without ever really wanting or asking to I know now the words to most Disney movie songs and find myself singing them around the house, which is really annoying. What is also really annoying is he has just discovered the button that starts the same songs again, he will let it run for a few second then press the button starting it again and again and again until you have to just turn the machine off to save sanity. Walt Disney has a lot to answer for.


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