Sunday, 18 November 2012


The wee man must feel very privileged. He has several very good male role models in his life, including me and his Godfather. Godparents in my family are important and it's very important who you get for the job. So who better for the wee man than a fellow who once shared with me nearly seven and a half bottles of wine in one sitting? Top role models indeed.

This was a time when neither of us had children and as you can imagine the night did not end well for me. The Chancellor discovered me on my back in the bathroom covered in my own vomit claiming that I could clean up the mess. Seeing as I couldn't even sit up this might have been difficult. I woke up the next morning knowing something bad happened but couldn't remember what it was. My punishment for her cleaning me up was a morning of curtain shopping, which nearly killed me and I also remember being close to vomiting in the middle of the John Lewis' curtain department. Top role modelling.

But the role of the Godparent is to teach the child all those things that the parents don't want the child to know; drugs, booze, women, gambling etc. I remember being told rude jokes and snippets of philosophy as a child not quite knowing what they meant but knowing they were important. The memories of watching my father and Godfather getting drunk are etched in my mind. I wonder where we get it from. It would be good to note that my Godfather in the father of the wee man's Godfather. Got that? Good.

The wee man's Godparents are very well travelled his Godmother being from Australia and his Godfather has travelled the world and lived abroad for a good length of time. So who better to teach him about the exciting things that happen in the world. It's an important role for me and hopefully the wee man can go to them with useful the questions in life. Will my parents know if I smoke? Will my parents notice if I'm drunk? Will my parents notice if I get arrested? The answer to all these may be 'Yes but there are ways of hiding it'.


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