Thursday, 8 November 2012

Woe Is Me

We're all over the place today at HQ. The wee man had another horrendous night, being awake from half eleven to half four with no sleep in the middle. After finally drifting off, he slept until about half nine this morning. He was not best of pleased when I decided to rouse him from his slumber and spent a good fifteen minutes telling me about it. Loudly.

The sight of The Chancellor and I looking exhausted and feeling worse has been common place recently and I for one am getting a dash pissed off. At the moment after various illnesses it seems to be one step forward two steps back and I would like just a bit of consistency. With the wee man sleeping in for so long our whole routine has now been whacked out of place and it takes a bit of time and patience to get back on track.

His lack of enthusiasm for our music group visit makes me think we have ANOTHER illness with us. It seems like we have only just gotten rid of the last one. But it was good to see, at the musical fun, the son of Funny Mummy back to his usual chirpy self after their impromtue visit to A&E. Maybe I shouldn't moan so much about my problems everyone has something going on themselves.

But on a bright note the Baby Centre blog got published today which made a hazy morning seem a bit brighter. It can be found at . It's not much different from this, just the language is a bit cleaner. Read and share if you can.

There is a smell that is suddenly putting me off slightly and I think it means someone needs a change of underwear. No the person isn't me but would I realise if it was? I'm so tired I probably wouldn't. Might go and check both of us, cheerio for now.


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