Friday, 14 June 2013


First off today there is an extra Baby Centre Blog to share with you. Interesting story this week and one to have a quick think about.

Anyway onto more important things and you'll be pleased to know that I made it home last night. I did not as I had worried about end up in Middlesbrough. And in a stoke of luck I managed to get a lift back rather than attempt to board and travel on a train. In the state I was heading towards this probably was for the best. I had indulged in such fine beers as Sheepshagger's Gold and Dognobbler which were just two of 119 on offer.

The danger was that I didn't drink massive amounts I just mixed my drinks all night (as you would imagine) and the beers were all of a strong percentage. Skull Splitter for example was 8% and Blackout was 11%. So it came as no surprise to me, when I awoke with the wee man poking me in the face, that I had a hideous headache and one that took at least half a day to disappear. The wee man though has been kind to my toils today and has been in a cracking mood so not all is bad. However an early night is in order after the laborious bedroom routine is over and the sooner that can happen the better.

This can't happen for the wee man's godfather though (who was there last night) as he had to travel to Australia first thing and he stayed later than me last night. Unlucky.



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