Friday, 28 June 2013

Jurassic Wee Man

There is an awful generic quality to things in England. The motorways all look the same, the service stations are all over-priced and smell strangely of urine and most of the cities look the same. Manchester looks like Leeds, Leeds like most other cities. The only exceptions for me are Newcastle, London and Bristol. The latter happens to be where we are tonight on the long journey back home after our holiday. We arrived fairly early and the options were to sit in our room for a few hours or go out and explore. So we went to the zoo.

My experiences of zoos are pretty limited. The last one I went to I was hungover and it was a cold morning in Edinburgh. I wasn't really concentrating on the animals I was just trying to keep down the breakfast I had had. Today though I'm just knackered with life but things were going well. The wee man was having fun with the giant animatronic dinosaurs and running away from the giant T-Rex. With him being totally out of sync with life he quickly lost it and had to be carried under my arm away from the park after a giant meltdown. I don't blame him though, he doesn't know if he's coming of going. As I write this he is continuing this meltdown because he has been denied his dummy. This bodes well for tonight and us all sharing a room together.

Tomorrow we'll be back in Leeds and just out of reach of home and a cheeky Australian Shiraz that's waiting for me. I don't intend to travel again for a VERY long time after all this is done. And if people want to see us they can come to us.


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