Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Wee Man, The Super Holiday Man

When is a beach not a beach? Seemingly when we're in Devon.We haven't had much luck with sandy beaches down in this part of the world. Either they've been beaches of boulders or like today we were rubbish with the times of the tide.

Despite arriving hoping to see golden sands we found a very high tide and a shingle beach. But we pressed on and played on what beach there was available to us. The sand was still soaking wet from the very recent retreating tide but the wee man probably had the most fun he has had this holiday playing in the wet sand, as only the wee man can. However the walk back for us was not so pleasant especially for me as I had to carry him on my shoulders with his soaking wet shorts seeping through my jumper. Lovely.

The wee man has thoroughly enjoyed his first holiday away from home and has been incredibly good both with the massive travel time and the way he has settled in various different places including the Premier Inn. I didn't at all think he was going to be this good as he's not as good as this back home. Since we have been at the cottage he has only woken once in five nights. This is pretty damn good considering he hasn't been here before, if I could bottle this and sell it I could make billions. And I mean billions.

This is also the first family trip of any real note we have been on and as expected The Chancellor and I are as just exhausted as we were before we set off. But it would take a holiday free of children on a deserted island in the South Pacific to remedy this. Maybe one day sometime in the future we won't be as tired as we are. Maybe..

Join me at the Bristol Premier Inn tomorrow won't you...


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