Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Go Family Fun!

You know you've had a good day when everyone on the car ride home says they have had a good time, including me. I was going to tell you all about The Big Sheep which we went to yesterday but to be honest the place we went to today was much better. Watermouth Castle like everything else around here is a pretty long drive away and it seems to have been designed by someone with a pretty crazy imagination. It's a castle with a theme park crow barred onto the end of it. Nothing is quite what it seems though and attractions range from terrifying dungeons to a pretty fun log flume ride. Now I don't normally promote family friendly stuff on here, mainly because I don't like family friendly things, but it was definitely worth the trip and the money.

The wee man was in his element with nearly all the attractions involving water. With this in mind it was no surprise that he came back to the cottage wearing only a nappy but luckily all worn out. To be honest after today I'm pretty worn out too and no matter how many holidays I go on I always return feeling more tired than before I went. This feeling is magnified when the wee man is involved and I can't imagine having a relaxing holiday again until I'm at least in my 60s. So a long way to go then.

Never mind, there'll be plenty of time to rest when I'm dead.



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  1. Watermouth Castle sounds (and looks) amazing, sounds like you had the perfect day out with your wee man!