Monday, 17 June 2013

Ringo Starr To The Rescue

There was a time I can distinctly remember when DVDs didn't exist. When they did come out they and their players were so expensive only a Russian oligarch could afford them. Now they are a dime a dozen. This week we embark on our Tolkienesque journey south for a summer holiday in Devon. Devon is a long way from Newcastle, a LONG way. Sigh.

Anyway to combat boredom for the wee man I went to buy a portable DVD player today and selection of DVDs. By the way a portable player costs less than a bag of apples now. Anyway included in said list are great shows such as Mr Tumble and Tinga Tinga. However I also got Wile E. Coyote and The Best of Thomas The Tank Engine. The Loony Toons stuff is for me as they're ace but the wee man is a long time admirer of Thomas The Tank Engine and now loves me more than ever since I have bought him a DVD of the show. Easily pleased.

However I was slightly perturbed as once I installed the car part of the device the whole thing looked like some dreadful brain washing device, with there being nowhere to look for the wee man apart from straight ahead to the device. If you've ever read Plato and the analogy of the cave then you might see a similarity between the two. Scary stuff. Anyway as long as it shuts him up during peak moment of driving frustration then that's all that matters.


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