Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Hello? Is There Anybody in There?

Last week I wrote a blog about the wee man having and his love of the house phone. Today he took his phone interaction to a new level. When I shower in the morning I let the wee man roam between a couple of rooms, if I shut the living room door I can usually see what he's up to.

As I showered today I heard a voice that made me pop my head out from behind the shower curtain. At first all I could hear was "...Can you find your dad? Can you find your dad?" As you would imagine if you thought there was no one in the house and a voice is heard that isn't coming from the TV or the wee man you might get freaked out slightly. Being easily confused by life I decided to investigate. As I leapt out of the shower to see what was going on I found the wee man standing with the phone in his hand with the loudspeaker on. "Hello Jamie are you there?" The wee man was very excited to be standing with the phone in hand and noise coming from it, as you would imagine.

The Chancellor it turns out had called home and the wee man being a smart monkey decided to answer the phone for me. He then apparently said "Hiya, hi, hiya." and then babbled some more. On the other end The Chancellor was just left to say "Hiya, where's your daddy? Can you find your daddy?" Turning the loudspeaker on must have been a stroke of luck or maybe he is much smarter than we think he is. Either way the next person to call may get a shock and then he will probably hang up on them. Sorry if this happens to you...


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