Monday, 3 June 2013


Let me introduce you to Claude. Despite his almost Demonic look Claude is the wee man's best friend. He sleeps with him, nibbles him and uses him for relaxation (not in an adult way I would like to say before any of you go to the dark place). To all intents and purposes he's the wee man's life partner. Today was wash day for Claude. Now, you have to put some thought into wash day because the wee man won't sleep without his furry sidekick.

As soon as the wee man woke from his daily nap today it was straight into the washing machine for the rabbit as he was starting to smell a bit. The wee man never seems bothered by the smell of the rabbit and finds it a source of great amusement when he makes us smell Claude. The Chancellor and I both make a face and noise denoting that it smells and the wee man giggles and does it again. The rabbit generally does smell.

If we lost Claude or forgot Claude for a trip away I'm not sure what the wee man would do, but I would imagine it would involve me driving home, no matter where we were, or running out to find the nearest stockists of Claude the rabbit. All this would be happening with a panic stricken wee man and panic stricken parents. It's not worth the risk so we always say as we leave for anywhere "Do we have Claude?"

I too am quite fond of Claude and he is really is an addition to the family. It will be a sad day when his head falls off or more likely when he is discarded into the toy box. For now though the wee man loves him and he is by far the most valuable thing in the house.


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