Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Driving, Driving, Driving...

Driving, driving, driving, driving, driving, driving and some more driving. By the time we get home, which I hope is soon, we will probably have racked up over 1000 miles. This is absurd and there must be someone out there who is trying to invent a teleportation device so we can do away with all this tedious driving. It doesn't help that the things you're driving to are about as toddler unfriendly as you can get.

Next stop on our magical mystery tour of places people go to was a place called Clovelly. Now if you saw Clovelly you actually wonder how elderly people get down there because it's down a series of extremely steep slopes. Once you have gone down these slopes for a good twenty minutes and have nearly broken your legs you then have to traverse a cobbled beach which then tries to break your ankles. For me all this with a toddler on your shoulders. If you manage the beach you will reach a waterfall (above). The waterfall is nice but lurking at the back of your mind is the thought that you have to go back up to the top again. Big deep breath. Luckily there is a Range Rover, which charges the earth, to get you back up to the top.

Tomorrow is our last day and then we head back to see Lenny Henry for the night before driving back to Leeds for two nights then back home. But when we get home there is a great deal to sort, including house sales and a great amount of DIY. So maybe it's best to stay down here...


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