Saturday, 15 June 2013

Father's Day Eve

Tomorrow is Father's Day. The second most important day of the year after my birthday... "Yay" I can hear you say. I can also hear you say, though less loudly, "Jamie you so deserve a day of pampering and limited childcare duties". Try telling The Chancellor this. In all the madness that's going on at the moment I made a bit of an error this year and I forgot to send my own father something, even a card. I'm a bad son aren't I? That was rhetorical by the way before you all start telling me that I am and making me feel guilty.

Last year the wee man took his fake ID and went to buy me Game of Thrones season 1. This was an impressive thing to do especially as he was only 7 or so months old at the time. With money being as it is this year I'm not expecting season 2 though if it appears on the kitchen table tomorrow though I won't be turning it away. Hint hint. Plus the wee man has much more personal wealth than both The Chancellor and I have combined so I'm sure he can afford it. It's a strange thing to be on the receiving end of Father's Day after so many years of buying novelty cards and booze for my father. It still doesn't seem quite right that I'm the father expecting my children to lavish me with gifts, praise and an afternoon of peace and quiet with the paper. I'm not expecting this either tomorrow.

When I think of Father's Day, I think of old men, golf balls and Jeremy Clarkson DVDs and as I hate the guy with a passion this doesn't seem like something I can prescribe to, also I'm not old. But despite all this I am a dad no matter my age or political affiliations, so I say to the wee man "Indulge me, at least for one day of the year".



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