Friday, 7 June 2013

Captain Wee Man And The Nudists

To counteract an awful morning that I don't want to talk about, the wee man and I headed an hour or so north to perhaps one of the nicest beaches I've ever visited. On days like today, staying indoors should be made illegal but alas I'm not in charge, yet.

So the wee man dug holes, filled our hold-all with sand and ran off enticed by a couple sun bathing in the nude behind a blue screen. I didn't realise they were in the buff at first but at the glimpse of a white bum I quickly pulled the wee man away. But the seed of interest had already been sowed. Luckily though for all of us he was quickly distracted by sea weed and a boat. In any case though I would have blamed the nudists for making such an appealing point of interest. And if you want to sunbathe nude on a public beach you must be prepared for toddlers, dogs and decently dressed people to spot what you're doing.

After multiple trips around the sands and into an actually warm sea the wee man was so wiped on the drive home that he almost instantly fell asleep drooling on his own arm. A pleasant sight indeed.

As the weekend approaches I have painting to look forward to, obviously this gets me very excited as you can imagine. The wee man is being taken out by The Chancellor to see his little friends tomorrow morning as he would be far too intrigued by the paint and brushes. I think I may have the better part of the deal here, The Chancellor can find a way to deal with probably tantrums.


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