Friday, 21 June 2013

Creeping In The Dark

Parenting can be absurd sometimes. Last night we all, for the first since the wee man was eight weeks old, slept in the same room. Because of the wee man's early bed time all of us got into bed at eight o'clock. Eight o'clock! I haven't had an early bed time like this for a long time and it really cramped my style, that's if I have any style at all to be cramped.

The wee man happily, after the odd cry, went down quickly which is more than can be said for us. I lay awake for a couple of hours reading The Guardian's Joy of Six hiding under the duvet and even took to creeping around the room looking for things to keep me entertained in the darkness. This by the way is easier said than done and there aren't that many things to do in the dark except creep, though that itself is quite fun.

In the end what I thought was going to be dreadful was in fact bearable and we all got something resembling sleep but I wouldn't want to make this a regular thing. The sleep came against the backdrop of noisy guests and car alarms going off which disturbed us more than the wee man. At least we only have to do this one more time and that's on the way back up in a week's time.

So we go onward today further into the deep south and according to our map we descend into nothingness or more appropriately fields. I'm not one for the country so this is all very different for me. Will we get out alive or will we get eaten by cows? I miss the north...


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