Monday, 24 June 2013

Faster Horsey Faster

My mother in law's dog has long been a cause of concern for me when it's around the wee man. We were worried that with them being in close proximity for so long this would lead to problems and more than likely the wee man being knocked over or bitten.

 However the wee man has firmly been in charge this holiday chasing the dog to the point where it has been running off and hiding in its cage cowering. He even took his torment to new levels today and he tried to climb on to the back of the poor Jack Russell and ride it. Oh how the tables have turned. And I feel strangely sorry for the poor dog as the wee man never gives up and I mean never...

Anyway and on to today and we are going en mass on our first family expedition. Alas the dinosaurs will have to wait later in the week and we're off to somewhere called The Big Sheep. It describes itself as North Devon's Ewe-topia. Chortle chortle chortle. It has I hear animals and soft play and rides. Usually this would be awful but I'm on holiday so I'm a changed man. Holiday Jamie loves fun and laughter and awful puns.

Wish me luck and when I have more time I'll tell you all about it. Until then know that I'm missing the real world and a reliable internet connection.


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